Moderation And The Red Ticker Tape

Yes! I am a long way from home.

“Oh, I don’t know much of anything”
Eraserhead (1977)David Lynch


Oh, I don’t know much of anything”

Eraserhead (1977)
David Lynch

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"Men hold that shit in like it don’t hurt. Walk around and get
hit by trucks.

You say, ‘Didn’t he see that truck?’

Say ‘Mother fucker, he wouldn’t have seen a 747. Cause his heart was

-Richard Pryor

So I recently listened to Marc Maron interview Myers on his podcast WTF. Mike Myers is a man who knows the value of artistic integrity. During the filming of Wayne’s World, the iconic Bohemian Rhapsody scene was almost cut, due to the producers’ insistence that Wayne, Garth and the boys should be listening to a Guns & Roses song. But because of Myers, we all headbang to that inescapable interlude.

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